Un nuovo modo di rappresentare una rete internet in 3D mediante un visore di realtà virtuale. Questo è Insite, un progetto realizzato per conto dell’azienda americana Ingalls Information Security in cui un grafo di nodi e archi rappresenta le macchine connesse alla rete e i collegamenti tra le macchine stesse. Grazie al visore è possibile muoversi all’interno di questo mondo e avvicinarsi alla zona di interesse. Per questo software nel 2015 è stato depositato un brevetto assieme all’azienda.

The current state of cyber defense is poor; attackers strike without warning, defenders are unable to determine that their environment has been hacked until months and years later, and data theft, destruction, and other more serious
impacts are a daily occurrence. What is needed is a new paradigm for defending cyberspace: iNSITE.
With iNSITE, defenders will be able to cover more network area per analyst, see more in less time, and develop and execute defensive maneuvers with speed and agility. We believe that by providing the immersion and context that iNSITE delivers, the advantage will be taken by defenders, who can see important data and ignore the massive amount of useless chaff that creates a nearly impossible visibility problem today. iNSITE will allow teams of cyber defenders to coordinate activity in Virtual Reality, so that rapid detection and response is the new paradigm of cyber security.